Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes the health of the dental pulp (the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth) can become compromised by:

  • an accident or knock to the tooth
  • a crack
  • a cavity
  • a previous deep restoration

Any of these can cause the pulp to die which can mean pain and infection around the roots of the tooth. When this happens, it is often necessary to remove the tooth.

Root canal treatment is a method to extend the life of the tooth and preserve it in your mouth for years to come.

Inside each of the roots in a small canal in which the pulp provides a blood and nerve supply to the tooth. When this becomes infected, is necessary the clean the inside of the canal to prevent bacteria from accumulating and reduce the risk of an infection. During the process of root canal treatment, we use fine instruments to clean this canal and disinfect it before filling the space to seal it.

A successful response to root canal treatment can mean the tooth stays with you and symptom free for many years to come.