2021 Treatment Fee Guide

Routine Treatments
New patient examination (- including necessary radiographs)


Routine examination £39
Dental radiograph £13
Scaling and polish with your dentist £42
Hygienist visit 30 minutes from £70
Restorative Treatments - prices start from
Amalgam restorations £82
Composite restorations £95
Root canal treatment - prices start from
Incisors and canines £380
Premolars £425
Molars £525
Extractions - prices start from
Routine £145
Surgical £200
Crowns, inlay, onlays, bridges - prices start from
Porcelain fused to metal crown £620
Monolithic zirconia crown £620
Porcelain fused to zirconia crown £650
Emax crown/inlay/onlay £620
Gold crowns £700
Porcelain veneers £700
Bridges £1180
Dentures - start from
Complete upper or lower £850
Partial upper or lower £750
Metal based denture £1200
Valplast £750
Tooth whitening
Home tooth whitening kit £350
Mouthguards - start from
Sport mouthguard single colour £80
Grinding splint £400
Stop snoring device £450
Orthodontic appliances - start from
Removable Essix retainer £120
Bonded fixed retainer £220
Inman Aligner per arch £1800
Smilelign clear aligners per arch £1900

Please note, the prices given above are a guide only and the treatment fees will vary depending on things like the size of the filling, the position of the tooth in the mouth, or any special designs or materials used. We aim to talk to you in detail about any proposed treatment and will give a written treatment plan with all proposed cost outlined for your approval.

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