Teeth Straightening

We find that lots of our patients would love to have straighter teeth, but are put off by the idea of having braces fitted to their teeth. Many will meet with customers and clients face-to-face on a daily basis, or speak to a room full of people and want to make a great impression. There are barriers stopping them from achieving the perfect smile.

At Bath Street Dental Practice, we utilise the latest in digital technology to offer a discreet yet highly effective solution to this problem. Smilelign treatment involves taking a digital scan of your teeth and using computer software to plan your perfect smile. From this plan, a series of clear aligners are constructed which, over the course of your treatment, will move your teeth into their ideal positions.


The benefits of having a digital plan of your ideal smile is that you get to see the end result before you even start.

The Smilelign aligners are designed to be virtually invisible, so others looking from the outside rarely even notice you are having any treatment done. Depending on how much movement is required, treatment can be undertaken in as little as three months.

So why not ask us about Smilelign the next time you visit us at the practice, and start your journey to a straighter smile and greater self-confidence.

Success stories

This lady came to the practice stating that she was unhappy with the position of one of her upper incisor teeth. Her left central incisor protruded forward beyond the line of the rest of her teeth. She previously hadn’t had the opportunity to have braces when she was younger and was keen to improve her smile before being a bridesmaid at her sister's wedding where she would be involved in lots of photographs and conversations. We were able to treat this case with an Inman aligner to bring the left incisor back into line over a number of months to give a very natural result and a beautiful smile.

This gentleman was a long-standing patient at Bath Street and was becoming concerned that his teeth were becoming more crowded and discoloured. He was keen to see what improvements could be made, while also wanting to preserve the health of his teeth and avoid invasive treatments. We were able to offer alignment of the teeth using Smilelign clear aligner digital technology and finish with a course of home tooth whitening. We are delighted to have been able to deliver on all fronts, improving the appearance of this patients smile whilst also respecting and preserving the health and structure of the teeth. We are passionate about finding the right treatment option for the right patient, and delivering the right outcome.

This lady asked what could be done about her crowded upper incisor teeth. She was noticing that her central incisor teeth were starting to angle backwards and her lateral incisors were rotating and protruding outwards. She wanted a way of straightening her teeth without having braces fixed to her teeth so that she could remove it if she needed. She also wanted the flexibility to straighten only the top teeth at present, but the ability to treat the lower teeth in the future if required. Using digital technology, we were able to plan the optimal position for the teeth to be placed and were able to treat the upper teeth only with an Inman Aligner and clear aligners. We finished off the treatment with a course of tooth whitening to give a lovely end result. We have the ability to proceed with alignment of the lower teeth if the patient requests it.

This young lady had just finished a course of orthodontic treatment and was very conscious of the white patches visible on her front teeth. These marks had been present since the teeth came through as a child, and although fairly common, this was quite a severe case. It was affecting her confidence and she would often hide her teeth when she talked and smiled. She wanted a treatment that would successfully hide the patch-es, but also avoid any drilling of healthy enamel. We were able to treat this using a treatment called ICON resin infiltration. It is a wonderfully simple treatment, but also very minimally invasive and ensures the tooth remains strong and healthy. Our patient was delighted with the result and so were we.